Front-end Developer: Ann-Cathrin Will

I'm an experienced Front-end Developer having worked at a variety of digital and marketing agencies for over 5 years. With strong skills in writing HTML, CSS using Sass and JavaScript using jQuery.

I'm passionate about continually improving the workflow using task runners such as grunt, gulp and npm scripts.

I'm especially eager to make code more modular, maintainable and semantic as web standards progress, paying extra attention to decreasing load times and making sites more accessible and user friendly.

I enjoy new challenges and I'm currently working for Rawnet since September 2017.

Ann-Cathrin Will

Skills Summary

  • HTML
  • CSS ( Sass / SCSS / LESS )
  • Inuit framework
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • Grunt / Gulp / npm scripts
  • Responsive web development
  • Responsive emails
  • Progressive enhancement
  • W3C Standards & Accessibility
  • Usability & UX considerations
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Version control ( Git / BitBucket )
  • Adobe Suite ( Illustrator & Photoshop )